Steel pipes stored neating in shelf

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Whether you need components manufactured from raw materials or parts assembled and installed, Delfab has your requirements covered.

We take time to understand your equipment AND your process. We not only develop custom pieces that are fit for purpose but also seek ways to improve the construction, simplify installation, supercharge your operations and reduce future maintenance requirements.

Trust our experience

Our extensive experience in making, repairing and replacing components and plant encompasses a wide range of industries, including power, mining, manufacturing, construction and water.

We keep it simple

We know how much busy industry appreciates simplicity and efficiency. We can arrange for every step of the project to be taken care of, from an initial on-site inspection right through to final installation and ongoing maintenance.

Our capacity to perform in-house workshop drawings makes this process even more streamlined with our engineers aiding the process along the way.

Need plate processing or surface treatments like abrasive blasting, hot dip galvanizing and commercial or industrial strength painting? We have you covered.

Proven success

With our end-to-end service, we ensure each step is meticulously taken care of to deliver a perfect result every time. Be sure to check out some of our Projects and list of valued clients for more evidence of our skills, knowledge, capability and reputation.