person grinding metal with small sparks in the air

Plant Construction and Maintenance

Optimise your investment in your equipment by prioritising productivity and reducing risk.

Effective plant maintenance ensures that every process runs efficiently, achieving maximum performance, reducing unplanned downtime and improving safety for your team.

Proactive Plant Maintenance

At Delfab, we believe in the power of anticipation. Regular checking, repairing and replenishing of components keeps everything in tip-top shape. This extends the life of your gear, saving you from the expenditure of early equipment replacement and reducing the risk of lengthy downtime due to avoidable breakage.

Urgent Repair

We understand that sometimes, things just go wrong. You can count on us to come to the rescue with an urgent repair or replacement on critical plant components so that you can get moving again.

We are here to help

Talk to us about our expertise in both preventative maintenance and urgent response. Whatever you need, we have your back.