Yallourn Mine Feeder Breaker Wing Wall Replacement


Yallourn Mine Feeder Breaker Wing Wall Replacement




RTL Mining and Earthworks Pty Ltd

About the project:

The Yallourn Mine uses 4 off Feeder Breakers to size and feed coal onto the respective face conveyor that is part of the conveyor system that conveys coal to the Coal Bunkers for use in the Power Station.

Due to the sustained impact over the years of service and the subsequent damage to the Wing Walls, a replacement upper Wing Walls structure has been designed.

Scope of work

To supply, manufacture, protective coating and site installation of Feeder Breakers 02, 03 & 04 Upper Wing Walls, consisting of Upper Wing Wall Panels, bracing, stairs / platforms / handrail and bolts as per client specifications.

The goal of this project is to replace the damaged upper Wing Walls of the Feeder breakers 02, 03 & 04 using the modified Upper Wing Wall design taking into account;

  • Site HSE procedures and compliance
  • Site installation for each Feeder Breaker was to be completed within the system Outage duration
  • Cost of Project to be completed within allocated/estimated budget



Manufacture of components were required to be completed one (1) month prior to the planned Outage date to ensure upper wing walls were ready to be installed within a 24-hour timeframe to support scheduled outage and minimal impact to Mining operations.